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Promoting evidenced-based practices in substance use prevention for community-based centers in North-West Nigeria

Fatima Abiola Popoola, Bolanle Ola Adeyemi, Olushola Olibamoyo

Vicarious trauma among nurses working in addiction services and the role of leadership: a European mixed methods study

K. Nicki Annunziata

Empathy, Evidence and Experience: Learning from overseas to respond to street-based drug injecting in Dublin City Centre.

Eugene McCann, Tony Duffin

A thousand on-line strategies and tools in academic addiction specialty education in post-COVID time: from necessity to quality

Susana Henriques

Why Social Science should matter for a pragmatic drug policy: Critical analysis of the drug policy debate in India, 1947-2020.

Kawal Deep Kour

Cannabis use and aquisition in pandemic times – results from a sample of regular users in Germany

Bernd Werse, Gerrit Kamphausen

Improving drug treatment in prison: Policy recommendations by key stakeholders

Marjolein De Pau, Freya Vander Laenen

Drug use and pandemic: analysis of the stage of social distancing caused by Covid-19 pandemic and its effects in drug use in Quito-Ecuador

Violeta Rojeab, Gabriela Hernández, Estéfano Viteri

Harmful drinking in the COVID-era: a new stigma in Europe? Results from a European survey

Emanuele Scafato

Bio-behavioural survey among PWID in Montenegro

Tatijana Djurisic

Technology-assisted buprenorphine treatment for rural patients with opioid use disorder (OUD)

Stacey Sigmon

Near infrared mechanism of social interaction cognitive function in patients with alcohol use disorder

Hang Su, Tianzhen Chen, Ruihua Li, Yan Zhao, Jiang Du, Min Zhao

Self-organized prevention of drug-related harm: impacts of and strategies to address continued lack of harm reduction service provision in a small Swedish city

Julie Holeksa

Workshop of Life, A Complete Prevention Program in Larissa, Greece

Eirini Koufaki, Georgia Zavraka , Andreas Almpanis

Khat and neurobehavioral functions: a systematic review

Manuel Jesús Ruiz Muñoz, Ayan Ahmed, Kathrin Cohen Kadosh, Robert Patton, Davinia M. Resurreción

Risk of Relapse Among Opioid-Dependent Patients Treated With Extended-Release Naltrexone or Buprenorphine-Naloxone: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Arild Opheim, Zhanna Gaulen, Kristin Klemmetsby Solli, Zill-e-Huma Latif, Lars Thore Fadnes, Jūratė Šaltytė Benth, Nikolaj Kunøe, Lars Tanum

How copying Van Gogh`s copies help drug addicts in art therapy restructure plastic expression and cognition

Orlindo Gouveia Pereira

‘Listen to me!’ Former patients’ reflections about inpatient substance use disorder treatment and the ongoing recovery process four years after discharge.

Turid Wangensteen, Jacob Hystad

Alcohol Consumption during a Pandemic Lockdown Period and Change in Alcohol Consumption Related to Worries and Pandemic Measures

Silvia Eiken Alpers, Jens Christoffer Skogen, Silje Mæland, Ståle Pallesen, Åsgeir Kjetland Rabben, Linn-Heidi Lunde, Lars Thore Fadnes

What do we know about the indicators used in the evaluation of the effectiveness of substance abuse intervention programs offered to judicialized clients: A scoping review

Catherine Arseneault, Mélissa Côté, Alexandre Gauthier, Chantal Plourde

Training of trainers and monitoring implementation of evidence based drug prevention in Pakistan

Johan Jongbloet, Annemie Coone, Peer van der Kreeft

Developing and piloting a self-management program for substance addiction consequences

Paulo Seabra, Rui Sequeira, Ana Simões, Ana Sequeira, Paula Amaral, Fernando Miguel, Ana Brantes, Inês Nunes, Gabriella Boska, Carlos Sequeira

Alcohol industry’s arguments disseminated in the mainstream press against pregnancy alcohol warning labels in France

Ana Millot, Karine Gallopel-Morvan

Harm reduction behaviors are associated with carrying naloxone among patients on methadone treatment.

Zofia Kozak, Thomas Cole, Donald Gann, Mark Yoon , Alexander Pappas, Aaron Greenblatt, Christopher Welsh, Daniel Ciccarone, Eric Wish, Annabelle Belcher

"Trampoline-Mind": Promoting children’s mental health and preventing addiction by stress reduction and mindfulness-based elements in a group program for children from families with addiction

Lina-Sophia Falkenberg

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy of the Long-Term Treatment and Support of Substance Use Disorders. 

Myriam Beaulieu, Joël Tremblay, Claire Baudry, Jessica Pearson, Karine Bertrand

Clandestine alcoholaemia

Joana Cardão, Ana Samouco, Afonso Matos, Inês Silva

Four-year long wastewater-based monitoring of illicit drug consumption pilot project in Switzerland

Livia Andrani, Olivier Delémont, Pierre Esseiva

Addiction recovery among opioid-dependent patients treated with injectable subcutaneous depot buprenorphine: Interim analysis of a non-randomized prospective observational study (ARIDE)

Bernd Schulte, Christiane Schmidt, Uwe Verthein, Jens Reimer

A retrospective overview of polydrug abuse in Tunisia.

Bilel Moslah, Manel Araoud, Nadia Chaouali, Mohamed Anouar Nouioui, Omar Smaoui, Dorra Amira, Nabil Ben Salah, Abderrazek Hedhili

Innovative trauma-informed therapy for women with substance use disorders in Israel

Suzan Ben Ezra, Heftzi Golan Rand

Is smoking reduction and cessation associated with increased e-cigarette use? Findings from a nationally representative sample of adult smokers in Australia.

Tianze Sun, Carmen CW Lim, Brienna N Rutherford, Benjamin Johnson, Janni Leung, Coral Gartner, Wayne D Hall, Jason P Connor, Gary CK Chan

How social work clients construct and negotiate boundaries between acceptable and problematic alcohol use?

Elina Renko

Association of the 2016 UK Psychoactive Substance Act with hospital presentations following analytically confirmed synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist exposure.

Sam Craft

Analyzing identity navigation between diverse selves in addiction stories by drawing on actor-network theory and narrative positioning analysis

Jukka Törrönen

Beyond patientism: Users’ organizations deployment of an auxiliary welfare system in Norway

Isa Dussauge

Keeping kids safe these days: a case study of the health and well-being related perceptions and experiences of school-aged children who live in areas of urban disadvantage in Ireland.

Eleanor Hollywood, Catheine Comiskey

Gaming disorder associated to comorbid disorders in an immigrant adolescent: A clinical case study.

Carla Andrade

French chemsex project

Jonathan Rayneau

Is there a long-term relationship between cannabis and heroin use? An 18-20-year follow-up of the Australian Treatment Outcome Study (ATOS)

Jack Wilson, Katherine Mills, Tom Freeman, Matthew Sunderland, Christina Marel

Sin tax in Poland – an example of effectiveness of fiscal measures in alcohol policy

Dagmara Lebiecka

Monitoring online drug markets - The darknet project in Zurich

Joël Bellmont, Dominique Schori

Cognitive screening for long term substance use outcome in a cohort of patients with polysubstance use disorder

Jens Hetland

How will the legal cannabis industry affect the use and sale of alcohol, tobacco and medicines?

Marthe Ongenaert

Social determinants, self-rated health and prescription drug use associated with simultaneous polydrug use – A population-based study

Lotta Leinonen, Karoliina Karjalainen, Niina Karttunen

The effects of Attachment, Temperament and Self-Esteem on Technology Addiction: a Mediation Model among Young Adults

Chiara Remondi, Ainzara Favini, Maria Gerbino, Agostino Brugnera, Angelo Compare

How are profiles of substance use linked to social function in the following seven years?

Sidsel Karsberg, Ruby Charak, Morten Hesse, Mads Uffe Pedersen

University students' perspectives on their preventive strategies to limit alcohol and cannabis use in festive contexts

Mathieu Gougeon, Myriam Laventure, Mathieu Goyette, Karine Bertrand

Multimodal DELTA Therapy for Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders: Development and Evaluation.

Yulia Golub

Group Intervention for Parents of People With Psychotic and Substance Use Disorders: A Qualitative Evaluation of appropriateness

Karine Gaudreault, Joël Tremblay, Karine Bertrand

A systematic review and meta-analyses of longitudinal studies on mood and anxiety symptoms following prescription opioid use.

Janni Leung, Thomas Santo Jr, Samantha Colledge , Tesfa Mekonen, Kate Thomson, Louisa Degenhardt, Jason Connor, Wayne Hall, Daniel Stjepanović

Prevalence and correlates of cannabis use for medicinal reasons – an Australian cross- sectional study

Janni Leung, Carmen Lim, Vivian Chiu, Jack Chung, Tesfa Mekonen, Danielle Dawson, Wayne Hall, Gary Chan

The profile of specialized treatment service users - changes and challenges

Davide Cruz, José Almeida, Óscar Lourenço

Facilitating an introduction to Evidence-based Prevention: INEP Plus

Rachele Donini, Jeffrey Lee, Rasha Abi Hana, Livia Edegger

Study on substance use and the role of families in Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Ukraine

Olha Myshakivska, Jeff Lee, Natalia Filimonova, Irina Pinchuk, Yulia Yachnik, Stanislav Chumak, Kuanysh Altynbekov, Rinat Muzafarov, Nadezhda Cherchenko, Saima Asghar, Syed Azhar Ali, Sajid

Unsafe injection practices among PWID in Catalonia: the need for a syndemic approach

Cinta Folch, Albert Espelt, Xavier Majó, Montse Bartroli , Mercè Meroño , Victoria González , Mercè Gotsens, Amaia Garrido, Joan Colom, Jordi Casabona

Experiencing COVID-19 as gamblers: Availability restrictions, services, and habits

Virve Marionneau, Johanna Järvinen-Tassopoulos

Gender differences in HIV prevalence and all-cause mortality among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Estonia.

Maris Salekesin, Anneli Uusküla

Real-world effectiveness of various pharmacological treatments in methamphetamine/amphetamine use disorders

Milja Heikkinen, Heidi Taipale, Antti Tanskanen, Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz, Markku Lähteenvuo, Jari Tiihonen

Professionals’ views on challenges in inpatient substance abuse treatment during COVID-19 pandemic

Eeva Ekqvist

Synthetic drug production and trafficking in Belgium

Sophia De Seranno, Charlotte Colman

Client segmentation in service planning for people with problematic substance abuse and its effectiveness

Katja Kuusisto, Eeva Ekqvist

Nicotine content, labelling and flavours of e-liquids in Canada: a scan of the online retail market from 2020-2021

Kimberly D'Mello, David Hammond, Syed Mahamad, Danielle Wiggers, Katherine East

Process evaluation of the Belgian one-month-abstinence campaign ‘Tournée Minérale’

Annelies Thienpondt, Jelle Van Cauwenberg, Joris Van Damme, Gera Nagelhout, Benedicte Deforche

When substance use meets sexuality: perspectives of gays, bisexuals and men having sex with men (gbMSM) regarding their sexualized drug use

Maxime Blanchette, Mathieu Goyette, Jorge Flores-Aranda, Karine Bertrand

Bridges in Prevention: a community-based multi-component intervention model

Carla Frazão, Mariana Coelho, Paula Coelho, Rute Pinho, Luís Simões, Sandra Simões

Emerging adults "in game": Research project on how Individual and family variables influence behaviors and motivations related to video games

Susana Costa, Luciana Sotero, Ana Paula Relvas

The perceived importance of a Therapeutical Contract in a CBT based treatment of problem gamblers

Pedro Hubert, Filipa Calado, Bruno Bento, Sarha Menezes, André Fialho

Fifth of the inhabitants of Slovenia has already used cannabis or cannabis-derived products for health purposes or is considering it

Ada Hocevar Grom, Andreja Drev, Darja Lavtar, Maruša Rehberger, Aleš Korošec

Harm reduction calls to action from young people who use drugs on the streets of Vancouver and Lisbon

Joana Canêdo, Kali Sedgemore, Kelly Ebbert, Haleigh Anderson, Rainbow Dykeman, Katey Kincaid, Claudia Dias, Diana Silva, Youth Health Advisory Council n/a, Rod Knight, Danya Fast

A systematic review of self-report and behavioural measures of the Addiction Neuroclinical Assessment constructs of incentive salience and negative emotionality, in adults who use psychoactiv

Maria Bravo Aguilera, Ben Sanderson, Ana Adan, Lauren Monds, Amy Peacock, Raimondo Bruno

Impact of COVID-19 on alcohol consumption patterns of young partygoers

Inês Armelim, Andreia Nisa, Lara Pires, Rita Rodrigues

A scoping review of social network analysis in drugs research

Naomi Zakimi, Alissa Greer, Arshpreet Dhillon, Alison Ritter

Profile of patients admitted to an inpatient detoxification unit during a nine month period

Carlos Sousa, Susana Rodrigues, Ilda Vaz, Pedro Mota, Catarina Oliveira

Implications of the COVID-19 pandemic to problematic drug use and Harm Reduction responses in Porto and Lisbon - a comparative analysis

Cristiana Vale Pires, Maria Carmo Carvalho, Adriana Curadao, Ricardo Fuertes, Helena Valente

The impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the everyday life of an open therapeutic program for drug-addicted individuals

Stelios Gkiouzepas, Athena Vlaxvei, Eleni Zacharia, Olga Kokolaki, Evaggelia Mpanakou

How to include Harm Reduction for alcohol in treatment facilities: which are the needs that consumers claim?

Sofia Francisco, Patrícia António, Alexandra Alvarez

Psychoactive substance use among residents of long-term care facilities for the elderly: a review of the literature on innovative practices

Vincent Wagner, Camille Beaujoin, Kettly Pinchinat Jean-Charles, Michelle Guerrero, Julie Beausoleil, Valérie Aubut, Nadine Blanchette-Martin, Francine Ferland, Christophe Huynh, Nadia L’Esp

Vaporized use of marijuana by adolescents in socio-educational hospitalization

Belisa Vieira da Silveira, Amanda Márcia Dos Santos Reinaldo, Adaene Alves Machado de Moura, Alessandra Diehl, Christopher Wagstaff, Sandra Cristina Pillon

Tipping points surrounding motivation to change substance use patterns among seniors in the general population or with incarceration experience: are they all the same?

Valérie Aubut, Mathieu Goyette, Chantal Plourde, Marie-Marthe Cousineau, Karine Bertrand

The synthetic cannabinoid ADB-FUBINACA modulates epigenetic mechanisms during in vitro neuronal differentiation at biologically relevant concentrations

Telma Gomes, Rui Malheiro, Helena Carmo, João Pedro Silva, Felix Carvalho

Exploring intersections between gender and drug use in East and Southern Africa

Charity Monareng, HeJIn Kim

What matters to you?: A Health Promotion Perspective in Young Adult Substance Abusers – Deconstructing resistances

Sofia Trigo, Andreia Valquaresma

Do state and trait anxiety play a mediating role in the relationship between perceived stress and nicotine dependence?

María Barroso-Hurtado, Daniel Suárez-Castro, Carmela Martínez-Vispo, Elisardo Becoña, Ana López-Durán

Smoking Relapse in Spanish Adults: The Influence of Depression Symptomatology

Daniel Suárez-Castro, María Barroso-Hurtado, Carmela Martínez-Vispo, Elisardo Becoña, Ana López-Durán

Mechanisms of suicidal risk formation in people addicted to designer narcotic drugs.

Alfia Akalaeva

Anhedonia during recovery of polysubstance use

Aleksander Erga

Opiate addiction in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Patterns of drug use and users characteristics

Jelena Niskanovic, Slađana Šiljak

Positive Choices: Evaluation of a national initiative to disseminate evidence-based alcohol and other drug education and wellbeing resources

Emma K Devine, Tara Guckel, Lexine A Stapinski, Cath Chapman, Maree Teesson, Nicola Newton

The experience of being released from jail: A case study

Daisy Gibbs, Michael Doyle, Emily Stockings, Sarah Larney, Anthony Shakeshaft, Sara Farnbach

Needs, Expectations and Reinforcement Mechanisms in Online Buying-Shopping Disorder

Annica Kessling

Drugs at the festivals : perceptions of prevention, harm reduction, care, and law enforcement strategies

Tina Van Havere, Bert Hauspie, Koen Ponnet, Edith Van Dyck

Non-pharmacological treatment interventions in UK drug and alcohol services: an exploratory study

Karen Megranahan


Caitlin Notley, Emma Ward

High smoking and low cessation rates among patients in treatment for opioid and other substance use disorders

Endre D. Bjørnestad, John-Kåre Vederhus, Thomas Clausen

Medium-term outcomes and risk factors for methamphetamine-induced psychotic disorders: a prospective cohort study among people who inject drugs in Haiphong, Vietnam.

Philippe Trouiller, Mai Le Sao, Huong Duong Thi, Oanh Khuat Thi Hai, Khue Pham Minh, Roselyne Vallo, Delphine Rapoud, Catherine Quillet, Thuy Linh Nguyen, Quang Duc Nguyen, Tuyet Thanh Nham

Susceptibility to interference between Pavlovian and instrumental control predicts alcohol use trajectories in young adults

Hao Chen, Matthew Belanger, Maria Garbusow, Sören Kuitunen-Paul, Quentin Huys, Michael Rapp, Michael Smolka

ABC Training for Alcohol Use During an Abstinence Challenge (IkPas/NoThanks!): a pilot study

Ting Pan

PREPARDNESS in Europe. How are European countries prepared for current and future drug developments?

John-Peter Kools

A stroll down memory lane: place and heavy substance use

Malin Gunnarsson, Jukka Törrönen, Eva Samuelsson

The relation between different definitions of dropout and the number of dropouts in Norway

Tone Helene Bergly, Mikael Julius Sømhovd

Hepatitis C seroprevalence and associated factors among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Estonia

Sigrid Vorobjov, Maris Salekešin, Anneli Uusküla

Profile of substance use, psychopathology and quality of life amid SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in the population of homeless drug users living in a transitional guesthouse: a cohort study

Sofia Nikolaidi, Charikleia Tsatsaroni, Paraskevi Karakoula, Paraskevi Psichogyiou, Maria Maroulidi, Ignatia Pampourtzi, Christina Syrgkani, Konstantinos Kokkolis

Relationship between emotion regulation strategies and resilient coping of inmates

Isabel Silva, Ana Bártolo, Pedro Marques, Andreia Nisa, Ana Gil, Óscar Silva

Therapeutic programs for drug users in Czech prisons: outcomes, shortcomings and perspectives

Petr Zeman, Šárka Blatníková, Kateřina Grohmannová, Tomáš Koňák, Petr Novák, Michaela Roubalová, Ivana Trávníčková

A prison as a place of therapy for people addicted to alcohol

Hanna Karaszewska

Neuropsychological Profile of users with Substance Related Disorders

Sónia Rodrigues

Development and upgrade of mobile units for the implementation of preventive programmes and harm reduction programmes in the field of illicit drugs

Jože Hren, Samra Mušić, Andreja Baloh, Anej Korsika Knific, Maša Serec

Life satisfaction among individuals with opioid use disorder receiving extended-release naltrexone: A 12-week randomized controlled trial and a 36-week follow-up

Zhanna Gaulen, Jūratė Šaltytė Benth, Lars Thore Fadnes, Ida Brenna Halvorsen , Lars Tanum

Results of a Pilot Syringe Testing Project in Ireland for the ESCAPE Syringe Testing Project

Sinead McNamara, Siobhan Stokes, Nicki Killeen, Paula Byrne, William Ebbitt, Eamon Keenan

The impact of Social and Community Mediation, an innovative social work model in the field of addictive behaviours and dependencies in Portugal

Helena Almeida, Sara Carvalho, Jorge Barbosa, Rodrigues Emídio, Merícia Silva, Cristina Proença, Celestino Cunha, Sofia Martelo, Ana Paula Neto

Hormone therapy to treat withdrawal symptoms among men with anabolic androgenic steroid dependence: A pilot study

Hans Christian Bordado Henriksen, Anders Palmstrøm Jørgensen, Astrid Bjørnebekk, Sudan Prasad Neupane, Ingrid A. Havnes

Gambling in Ireland: profile of cases from an analysis of a national treatment reporting system.

Ita Condron, Suzi Lyons, Anne Marie Carew

Changes in substance use during the COVID-19 pandemic: Longitudinal analysis of risk behavior and mental health of MSM using HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis

Babette Lea Winter, Frédérique Hovaguimian, Roger D. Kouyos, Axel Jeremias Schmidt, Enos Bernasconi, Dominique Braun, Alexandra Calmy, Julia Notter, Marcel Stoeckle, Bernard Surial, Vanessa

Universal Harm Reduction Principles Applied To Nicotine Use, Why Not?

Charles A. Gardner

iControl: An approach of addiction prevention and digital self-regulation strategies

Sofia Nunes, Eurico Martins, Isabel Prata, Joana António, Mariana Duarte, Manuela Fernandes, Rafael Gonçalves, Patricia Henriques, Miguel Modesto, Carlos Queiróz, Catarina Simão


Emmett Tuite

Regulating cannabis : a comparative perspective on policy rollouts and unintended consequences in The United States and Canada (lessons from 6 case studies)

Ivana Obradovic

Non-prescribed buprenorphine and reduction in illicit opioids use among individuals with opioid use disorder: a longitudinal study

Raminta Daniulaityte, Ramzi Nahhas, Sydney Silverstein , Robert Carlson

Interaction between Alcohol Use Disorder, APOE4 and Cognitive Decline in patients undergoing an alcohol detoxification program


The Effects of Recreational Cannabis Laws on Pharmacy- and Hospital-Based Opioid Distribution in the United States

Coleman Drake, Catherine Maclean, David Bradford, Shyam Raman

Riscos & Desafios Program - only a click apart

Carla Rocha, Gizela Cardoso

Managing COVID-19 pandemic infection in the residential therapeutic community KETHEA ITHAKI: the view of TC members

Theodora Sizopoulou

Sexualized substance use, consumption motives and risk factors for relapse of addiction patients. Results of a cross-sectional study in addiction treatment facilities in Germany.

Daniel Deimel, Laura Arasteh-Roodsary, Niels Graf

Improving the Addiction Treatment Workforce through a Structured Mentorship Program

Roger Peters, Cary Hopkins Eyles, Charlotte Sisson, Nathalie Panabokke, Fatima Abiola Popoola

Cross-sectional national survey of pharmacists’ experiences over-the-counter (OTC) medicine abuse and misuse in community pharmacies in Finland.

Juha-Pekka Oinas, Mayyada Wazaify, Raisa Laaksonen

Impact of COVID-19 Confinement on Cannabis Users

Cristina Reis, Cátia Lima, Sofia Trigo, Teresa Silva, Gina Curral, Teresa Pinto, Elisabete Peixoto, Carla Lopes

Addictive behaviours among first year high education students – a descriptive study

Carla Rocha, Gizela Cardoso, Paula Gonzalez, Rita Valinho, Ana Reis, Artemisa Dores, Andreia Moura, Helena Martins, Maria Paula Santos, Sara Fernandes


Birthe Møgster

Effects of prolonged diacetylmorphine take-home prescription in Heroin assisted treatment in Switzerland

Jonas Montagna, Luis Falcato, Franciska Brezin, Thilo Beck

Functional Connectivity in a Triple-Network Saliency Model is Associated with Real-Life Self-Control

Klaus-Martin Krönke, Max Wolff, Yiquan Shi, Anja Kräplin, Michael Smolka, Gerhard Bühringer, Thomas Goschke

Exploring gender-specific in-patient treatment for substance use disorders in Norway

Hanne Lorimer Aamodt, Anja Therese Midtun Murer Holst

Walk the walk, putting a quality indicator for alcohol care into practice.

Dieter Zeeuws, Annelien Bronckaerts, Nathalie Vanderbruggen

A European, mixed methods, cohort study of the effectiveness of naloxone administration by laypeople, in reversing opioid overdose (NalPORS): protocol and design challenges

Nicola Metrebian, Ben Carter, Desiree Eide, Rebecca McDonald, Joanne Neale, Stephen Parkin, John Strang

A descriptive comparison of substance use characteristics, psychosocial and socioeconomic problems among boys and girls entering a long-term residential substance use treatment institution in

Regine Bakken

The Effects of Covid 19 on People Experiencing Mental Ill-health, Substance Use Disorder and Homelessness/Housing Insecurity in the Dublin Region: A Longitudinal Qualitative Exploration

Kathyan Kelly, Paula Byrne, Joanne Fenton

Lifestyle risk factors and racial and ethnic inequality in mortality: Decomposing differential exposure and vulnerability in the United States

Klajdi Puka, Charlotte Buckley, Nina Mulia, Aurélie M Lasserre, Jürgen Rehm, Charlotte Probst

Gamification: Promote healthy use of technology in the psychotherapy setting´s with Missão 2050 Game

Pedro Fernandes, Inês Borges, Ivone Patrão

Reductions in prescribing following legislative intervention to make gabapentin a controlled substance at the state level in the U.S.

Mance Buttram, S. Geoffrey Severtson, Kyle Beekman, Yamilka Stivers, Matthew Ellis

How Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Substance Use Disorder influence each other: A non-systematic literature review

Catarina Oliveira, Filipa Caldas, Marta Gonçalves

Starting Buprenorphine therapy. Challenges and difficulties

Esmeralda Thoma, Andrin Tahiri, Alert Drishti


Amy Roche, Denise Proudfoot

Methodological challenges and policy relevance of studies on substance use in nightlife settings: the case of the Nightlife Study in the Netherlands

Karin Monshouwer, Ruben van Beek, Frederiek Schouten, Marloes Van Goor, Matthijs Blankers, Magriet Van Laar, Wouter Den Hollander

The response of low-threshold organizations in the field of drugs and homelessness during Covid-19 in Slovenia

Ines Kvaternik, Hana Košan, Katja Krajnc

Youth’s and practitioners’ perspectives on peer support and the role youth peer helpers surrounding cannabis use problems

Mathieu Goyette, Marianne Saint-Jacques, Myriam Laventure, Jorge Flores-Aranda, Anne Guichard, Valérie Aubut, Marie-Anik Blanchet-Gagnon, Iris Bourgault Bouthillier, Karine Bertrand

The relationship between gaming, self-harm, resilience, loneliness, and attachment in adulthood

Jaroslava Suchá

The Questionnaire of Digital Game Playing (QDGP)

Martin Dolejš

How hair keeps track: Associations between hair concentrations of psychoactive substances and steroid hormones in a large cohort sample of young adults in Switzerland

Lydia Johnson-ferguson, Lilly Shanahan, Josua Zimmermann, Laura Bechtiger, Annekatrin Steinhoff, Markus Baumgartner, Tina Binz, Denis Ribeaud, Manuel Eisner, Boris B. Quednow

Exploring mental health versus specialized addiction services: who chooses what? An analysis of the Belgian treatment demand register

Kim Fernandez, Jérôme Antoine

Peer education and alcohol consumption: application of a training program for university students

Katiane Holanda Fukamachi

Risks of injection drug use in a Swedish context: Harms and prevention of harms according to injection drug users

Jessica Storbjörk, Lena Eriksson, Martin Kåberg, Josefin Månsson, Eva Samuelsson, Jukka Törrönen, Katarina Winter

Building harm reduction focused cannabis public education materials: An example of knowledge translation with previously stigmatized communities.

Daniel Bear, Ashley Hosker-Field, Marilyn Creswell

The key-role of outreach intervention in promoting the access of women who use drugs to social and health services

Isabel Ponte

Opioid agonist treatment status preceding buprenorphine-related death in Finland

Claudia Mariottini, Margareeta Häkkinen, Pirkko Kriikku, Ilkka Ojanperä

Non-medical use of ADHD medication among Dutch college students

Michelle van der Horst, Britt Bilderbeek, Nadine G.M. van Gelder

From promising results to evidence-based programme: Lessons from the evaluation of “A Family Affair”.

Elodie David, Clotilde Couderc, Guillaume Quercy, Franck Lecas, Mireille Carpentier, Odile Lecocq, Antoinette Fouilleul, Line Caron, Eric Breton

Infralow neurofeedback in the treatment of substance use disorders: A randomized controlled trial

Karin Berle Gabrielsen, Thomas Clausen, Siri Håvås Haugland, Stig Hollup, John-Kåre Vederhus

SIPAFS Platform - A contribution to the Digital Transformation of the Plano Operacional deRepostas Integradas

Bruno Freitas

Prevalence of HCV infection in vulnerable populations: DETECT-C program a real contribution to hepatitis C elimination in these groups in Spain

Francisco Pacual, Marta Pastor, Federico García, Juan Jesús Ruiz, José Manuel Fernández- Fernández, Marinela Méndez, Magdalena Rueda, Cristina De Alvaro, Benjamín Climent

Making hepatitis C treatment more accessible: A test and treat Mobile Unit in Catalonia

Mariana Portela, Olga Galindo, Mayara Torres, Sara Adabia, Ruben Caballero, Patricia Colomera , Xavier Major, Júlia de Miguel, Joan Colom

Scratching the surface: National implementation and early evaluation of self-care wound pack provision to prevent bacterial infections in people who inject drugs.

Michelle Hughes

Hepatitis C in people who use drugs: timeline from screening to cure

Maria João Caldeira, Alexandra Aguiar, Ana Marques, Nuno Maneta, Andreia Pinto Ferreira

Drug Decriminalization as a Response to Overdose in the United States

Kasia Malinowska, Ricky Gunawan, Giavana Margo

Development and implementation of a pilot community-based prevention programme, with emphasis on the risk behaviour of children and youth

Helena Horalek, Roman Gabrhelík, Jasmina Burdzovic Andreas, Svetlana Skurtveit, Michal Miovský, Jaroslav Šejvl

Experience of using the European Web Survey on Drugs as an instrument for auscultation of drug users for the necessary services in Portugal

Ludmila Carapinha

Profiles of individuals with cannabis-related disorders

Marie-josée Fleury

Consensus on prevention actions and construction of indicators for the evaluation of addiction prevention programs at the university level, through participatory methodologies

Eulàlia Sot Rahola, Oriol Segovia-Minguet, Tivy Barón-Garcia, Albert Espelt, Ana Isabel Ibar Fañanás, Joan Colom Farran

COVID-19 pandemic urges patients under buprenorphine and methadone maintenance treatment to craving and to parallel illicit drug use

Alexandra Katsouli, Anna Karasavidou, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Vasilios Stauropoulos, Elena Batsiari, Sotiris Tasoulis, Petros Barmpas, Aristidis Veskoukis, Maria Tsironi, Christonikos

COVID-19 pandemic induces severe impact on substances administration and on aspects of psychosocial life of patients under methadone and buprenorphine maintenance treatment

Vasilios Stavropoulos, Anna Karasavidou, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Alexandra Katsouli, Sotiris Tasoulis, Petros Barmpas, Nektaria Alexopoulou, Aristidis Veskoukis, Maria Tsironi, Christon

COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected several aspects of quality of life of patients with substance use disorders under medication-assisted treatment with methadone and buprenorphine

Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Alexandra Katsouli, Vasilios Stavropoulos, Anna Karasavidou, Sotiris Tasoulis, Ioannis Nellas, Aristidis Veskoukis, Maria Tsironi, Christonikos Leventelis

Community screening in key populations: an integrated intervention in two fast-track cities with significant HIV and Hepatitis C prevalence

Ana Marques, Alexandra Aguiar, Andreia Pinto Ferreira, Nuno Maneta

ALCOHOL and Health Forum the Portuguese14 years’ experience of an ecological approach to the Alcohol Related Harm

Alexandra Pinto, Raul Melo, Manuel Cardoso

Psychostimulant-induced neuroinflammation: the protective role of IL-10

Ana Isabel Silva, Teresa Canedo, Ana Filipa Terceiro, João Bettencourt Relvas, Margarida Saraiva, Teresa Summavielle

The effects of substance use on the female population: A brief exploration

Sabrina de Jesus, Ana Costa, Gisela Simões, Inês Gomes, Manuela Fraga

Primary care as a key resource for access to the Needle and Syringe Program

Teresa de Gispert, Elena Adan, Lidia Segura, Joan Colom

The availability of offline gambling premises in Catalonia and its relationship with socioeconomic determinants

Susanna Puigcorbé Alcalà, Regina Muñoz Galán, Lidia Segura Garcia, Pol Rovira Escarrà, Joan Colom Farran

Self-Assessed Treatment Outcome among patients in opioid maintenance treatment (OMT): Treatment goal at onset matter?

Gustavo Sugahara, Thomas Clausen

Safe Prescribing in Alcohol Abstinence

Chevanthy Gnanalingam

Smoking-related health inequalities, tobacco smoking and substance use disorder.

Mireia Graell Gabriel, Pablo Barrio, Magalí Andreu, Sandra González , Miquel Monràs, Sílvia Mondon

Virtual relapse prevention group tele-therapy with peer involvement for substance use disorder: a multicentre randomised controlled trial in Indonesia

Chika Yamada, Kristiana Siste, Enjeline Hanafi, Youdiil Ophinni, Evania Beatrice, Vania Rafelia, Peter Alison, Rahadianto Purnomo, Yenny Sinambela, Syahrial, Gemelly Nurhidayat, Fitria Prat

Fear of COVID-19 and its Impact on Maltese University Students’ Wellbeing and Substance Use

Marilyn Clark, Jamie Bonnici, Andrew Azzopardi

Effectiveness from follow-up outcomes of eight substance abuse treatment programs in Greece.

Gerasimos Papanastasatos, Angeliki Koutsoukou, Elena Bardi, Demetrios Georgakopoulos, Kevin Knight, Danica Knight, Vassiliki Kafentzaki, Antonia Anastassiadou

The results of the European Web Survey on Drugs in Georgia

Tamar Mgebrishvili, Ada Beselia, Levan Salamadze, Irakli Natsvlishvili, Irma Kirtadze

Supporting the central role of people with addiction problems in addressing their problems: the example of Self-Help Promotion Program in Greece

Sotiris Lainas

Patterns and consequences of recreational misuse of psilocybin and magic mushrooms

Andreia Machado Brito-da-Costa, Diana Dias-da-Silva, Áurea Madureira-Carvalho, Ricardo Jorge Dinis-Oliveira

The effects of Synthetic Cannabinoids ADB-FUBINACA, AMB-FUBINACA, AB-CHMINACA and HU-308 on Differentiation and Proliferation of Brain NG108-15 Cells

Carolina Freitas, Helena Carmo, Félix Carvalho, João Pedro Silva, Diana Dias da Silva

An exploration of the experience of those in non-abstinent based recovery in Ireland

Joanne O Dwyer

Integrative Couple Treatment for Addiction: A revised model based on forgiveness and attachment needs

Joël Tremblay, Marianne Saint-Jacques, Mélissa Côté, Magali Dufour, Karine Bertrand, Nadine Blanchette-Martin, Francine Ferland, Annie-Claude Savard, Chantal Plourde, Catherine Arseneault, Pa

Characterising the neurobiology of detoxification in opiate dependence: is there a role for NK1 antagonism to improve outcomes?

Katherine Herlinger, Louise Paterson, Leon Fonville, Alexandra Hayes, Lexi Hand, Anthony Goldstone, Raymond Hill, David Nutt, Anne Lingford-Hughes

Is high-risk drug use increasing in Finland? The prevalence of high-risk amphetamine and opioid use in 2017.

Sanna Rönkä, Jukka Ollgren, Hannu Alho, Henrikki Brummer-Korvenkontio, Teemu Gunnar, Karoliina Karjalainen, Airi Partanen, Tiina Väre

Let’s End HepC: The involvement of primary health care towards the HCV elimination in PWIDs

Diogo Franco, Catarina Hermenegildo, Henrique Lopes

Let’s End HepC: Patient advocacy for hepatitis C elimination in the prisoner’s population

Catarina Hermenegildo, Diogo Franco, Henrique Lopes

Do pathologic gambling and schizophrenia relate? A case report

Ana Estalagem, Inês Gonçalves, Hugo Bastos

Crosstalk between autophagic intermediaries in the event of neurotoxic effects mediated by Synthetic Cannabinoids in NG108-15 cells

Catarina Teixeira, Diana Dias da Silva , Maria Rita Garcia, Rita Roque Bravo, Helena Carmo, Félix Carvalho, João Pedro Silva

Lessons for Public Health and Public Safety from Fentanyl-Related Substances Scheduling in the United States

M.J. Menendez

Outcome measurement and evaluation as a routine practice in alcohol and other drug services in Belgium (OMER-BE)

Amine Zerrouk, Charlotte Migchels, Clara De Ruysscher, Wim van den Brink, Lies Grémeaux, Frieda Matthys, Cleo Crunelle, Wouter Vanderplasschen

A multicentric survey among patients with Substance use disorders during the COVID-19 lockdown in India

Sidharth Arya, Abhishek Ghosh, Shree Mishra, Mukesh Kumar Swami, Sambhu Prasad, Aditya Somani, Aniruddha Basu, Kshitiz Sharma, Susanta Kumar Padhy, Naresh Nebhinani, Lokesh Kumar Singh, Shin


Lina Barkienė

Medically supervised opioid withdrawal treatment: is it possible to predict the successful outcome?

Artūras Barkus, Lina Barkiene, Giedrius Likatavicius, Emilis Subata

“Me and others”: an evaluation of an interactive material for the prevention of non-substance addictions among high school students

Santiago Almeida, Raul Melo, Cecilia Lazaro, Joana Alexandre, Patrícia Pissarra, Graça Vilar

The epigenetic effects of cannabis exposure and their link to behavior and emotional manifestations – a scoping review

Ana Sofia Machado, Alexandra Elias de Sousa, Vânia Rocha, Miguel Bragança, Maria Vieira-Coelho

NIEBP: promoting an evidence-based approach to prevention

Federico Pagnoni, Patrizia Brigoni, Marta De Vito, Chiara Aleni, Fabrizio Faggiano

Program "Eu e os Outros": Adaptation to the university context

Mariana Montalvão, Sibila Marques, Cristina Camilo, Raúl Melo, Cecília Lázaro, Graça Vilar, Patrícia Pissara

Monitoring opioid agonist maintenance treatment outcomes for people who use opioids and public health

Lucas Wiessing

Tobacco Marketing in Portugal

Hilson Cunha Filho, Sofia Ravara

Does the use of mobile devices by preschool children differentiate their cognitive functioning?

Magdalena Rowicka, Małgorzata Korko

COVID-19 related stressors and alcohol use among urban refugee youth in Kampala, Uganda

Carmen Logie

Predicting the long-term effect of e-cigarette use on population health: A systematic review of modelling studies

Giang Vu, Daniel Stjepanović, Gary Chan

Patient-reported outcomes of subcutaneous depot buprenorphine treatment in Australian correctional centres

Bethany White, Sophia Little, Paul Haber, Jillian Roberts, Nicholas Lintzeris, Adrian Dunlop

Police, firefighters, urban cleaners, drivers, gardeners and gravediggers and risk behaviors related to Alcohol, Tobacco, Obesity and Sleep: different professions, different consumption, diff

Jorge Barroso-Dias

Cannabis legalisation: challenges for social work based addiction treatment

Ulrich Frischknecht

A Realist synthesis of service models and systems for CO- existing serious mental health and substance use conditions

Jane Harris, Sonia Dalkin, Lisa Jones, Tom Ainscough, Michelle Madden, Alex Copello, Angela Bate, Gail Gilchrist, Emma Griffiths, Harry Sumnall, Charlotte Walker, Luke Mitcheson, Elizabeth Hu

Substitution of illicit diazepam with etizolam within the United Kingdom drug market 2021 and service response

Dean Acreman, Josie Smith

Acceptance-based, intersectional stigma coping intervention for people with HIV who inject drugs – an RCT in St. Petersburg, Russia

Sarah Rossi, Jason Luoma, Yuliia Sereda, Nikolai Pavlov, Olga Toussova, Marina Vetrova, Sally Bendiks, Tetiana Kiriazova, Evgeny Krupitsky, Dmitry Lioznov, Elena Blokhina, Sara Lodi, Karsten

Positives and negatives of short and long-term interventions during the Coronavirus disease pandemic period and the influence of the therapist characteristics

Vasilis Katagis

Substance-Related Problems in Adolescents with ADHD-Diagnoses: The Importance of Self-Reported Conduct Problems

Ove Heradstveit, Kristin Gärtner Askeland, Tormod Bøe, Astri Johansen Lundervold, Irene Bircow Elgen, Jens Christoffer Skogen, Mads Uffe Pedersen, Mari Hysing

Evaluation of a Brief Online Self‐help Prevention Program for Concerned Gamblers

Håkan Wall

Effectiveness of a web-based self-help tool to reduce problem gambling: A randomized controlled trial

Michael Schaub, Nikolaos Boumparis, Doris Malischnig, Christian Baumgartner

Take-Home Naloxone and risk management among people who survived an opioid overdose; a qualitative analysis informed by drug, set and setting

Elin Holmén, Martin Kåberg, Anders Hammarberg, Jessica Storbjörk

20 years of decriminalisation

Américo Gegaloto

Improving access to treatment for alcohol dependence in primary care: investigating factors that facilitate and impede treatment access and completion

Catharine Montgomery

Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing Inpatient and Community Substance Use Treatment and Harm Reduction Services for People Who Use Drugs in Muslim Communities: A Systematic Narrative Revi

Qutba Al Ghafri, Gail Gilchrist, Polly Radcliffe

Women over 50, alcohol use and engagement with primary health care services: A systematic narrative review

Grainne Clarke

Treating cannabis use disorder in young adults with text-delivered peer network counseling: A large, multi-site, randomized clinical trial.

Michael Mason, J. Douglas Coatsworth, Nathaniel Riggs, Jeremy Mennis, Nikola Zaharakis, Michael Russell

Substance use, harm reduction attitudes and behaviors among attendees of nature rave parties in Israel

Hagit Bonny-Noach, Barak Shapira, Pinchas Baumol, Nir Tadmor, Paola Rosca, Stacy Shoshan, Yossi Harel-Fisch, Ariel Caduri

Concurrent opioid and stimulant use and fatal overdose among a general population sample in British Columbia, Canada: A cohort study

Chloe Xavier, Heather Palis, Amanda Slaunwhite

Associations between childhood trauma and mental disorders and adverse treatment, social, and health outcomes, among people with opioid dependence

Thomas Santo Jr, Natasa Gisev, Gabrielle Campbell, Elliot Nelson, Louisa Degenhardt

Emotion regulation-enhanced group treatment for gambling disorder: a non- randomized pilot trial

Viktor Månsson

Disparities in Smoking and Vaping Prevalence Among People With Mental Health Conditions in England

Eve Taylor, Leonie Brose, Jamie Brown, Loren Kock, Ann McNeill, Deborah Robson

Effectiveness of a standalone telephone-delivered intervention for reducing problem alcohol use: a randomized clinical trial

Dan I Lubman, Jasmin Grigg, John Reynolds, Kate Hall, Amanda L Baker, Petra K Staiger, Jonathan Tyler, Isabelle Volpe, Peta Stragalinos, Anthony Harris, David Best, Victoria Manning

Why there is a discrepancy between self-report and objective measures of prospective memory in recreational drug users?

Adnan Levent

Hair drug testing as an epidemiological tool to investigate patterns of drug use: a multi-country study

João Matias, Alberto Salomone, Daniel Martins

Schematic functioning, emotional regulation, and regulation of the satisfaction of psychological needs in alcohol consumption: a comparative study between a clinical and a community sample.

Ana Nunes da Silva

Understanding the Moderators of Quality of Life for People who Initiate Methadone: A Comparison Between Initiation in Jail and in the Community

Anjalee Sharma, Jan Gryczynski, Robert Schwartz, Trenette Goings

Emergency department and inpatient service utilization among hospitalized patients with substance use disorder and experiences of homelessness

Courtney Nordeck, Johannes Thrul, Christopher Welsh, Shannon Gwin Mitchell, Robert Schwartz, Kevin O'Grady, Jan Gryczynski

Mortality and causes of death among persons with alcohol use disorder only versus persons with opioid dependence: results from a 19-year prospective cohort study.

Ivar Skeie, Arne J Hjemsæter, Bent Monsbakken, Anne S Landheim

Neurocognition in inpatients with severe mental illness with a co-occurring and substance use disorders in a subacute psychiatric unit

Ana Llorente, Encarna Zaldívar, Sheila López-Romeo, David Juanes, David Suárez, Sonia Quiñones, Elsa Quiñones, Berta Vilaseca

National School Survey on Substance Use and Associated Patterns in Senegal, West Africa

Dominique Lopez, Amadou Ba, Anja Busse, Issa Diakité, Mame Seyni Dieye, Jan-Christopher Castilhos França, Wadih Maalouf, Kamran Niaz, Anselme Simeon Sanou, Souleymane Sow, Giovanna Campello

Trends in 14–16-year-old adolescents’ weekly gambling from 2008 to 2017: The role of alcohol use and socioeconomic status

Tiina Latvala

A prospective study of retention in opioid agonist treatment and contact with emergency healthcare following release from prisons in Victoria, Australia.

Michael Curtis, Paul Dietze, Anna Wilkinson, Ashleigh Stewart, Stuart Kinner, Reece Cossar, Emily Nehme, Shelley Walker, Tony Butler, Campbell Aitken, Karen Smith, Mark Stoové

Gambling and social background in cases of suicide

Kalle Lind, Jani Selin

Gambling Motives and Offshore Gambling: A Finnish Population Study

Heli Hagfors, Atte Oksanen, Anne Salonen

The effectiveness of psychosocial interventions for family members impacted by another’s substance use: a systematic review of the last 10 years

Clare Rushton, Peter Kelly, Dayle Raftery, Briony Larance

Benzodiazepine use between prison and territory: medical treatment or self-prescription?

Elisa Zamagni, Samantha Samantha Sanchini, Luca Arcangeli, Stefano Aringhieri, Elisa Busseni, Giulia Crescentini, Abbasali Heydari, Giovanna Latino, Sofia Massante, Melania Nicolò, Fe

Efficacy of psychosocial interventions to reduce alcohol use in patients with alcohol-related liver disease: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials.

Sofia Hemrage

Handle it!: Strategies for Addiction Treatment in New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) in Europe

Thomas Legl

E-cigarette online marketing: a content analysis of top brands in England

Matilda Nottage, Eve Taylor, Yebin Kim, Nicole Soh, David Hammond, Ann McNeill, Sara Hitchman, Katherine East

Through a realist lens: Looking for theories to explain successful residential treatment for substance use disorder.

Henry De Salis

Optimizing parental involvement in the recovery of young adults with opioid use disorder: A qualitative exploration of a contingency management support app

Laura Monico

“Fiches Exper’” – New harm reduction educational materials

Torres-Leguizamon Magally, Massenet Aurélie, Boisdron Émilie, Michel Laurent, Le Bourhis Gurvan, Zazou, Marko Kalk, Pallas Jérome, Favrel Patrick, Nefau Thomas, Duplessy Catherine

Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) related health responses implemented in Europe through the lens of an intersectional risk environment approach

Jessica Neicun, Katarzyna Czabanowska, Andres Roman-Urrestarazu

Adequacy of the addictions treatment in Uzbekistan

Azizbek Boltaev, Sergey Soshnikov

How tiny Albania became the continent’s drug trafficking headquarters. What is the best prevention policy?

Sonila Bitri, Franca Beccaria, Ilir Akshija, Entela Puca, Eugjen Sotiri

Identifying and tracking cases of suspected unintentional drug overdose deaths in near real-time using the Suspected Potential Overdose Tracker (SPOT)

Karli Hochstatter, Jan Gryczynski, Hannah Johnson, Cameron Tait-Ozer, Jason Graham

The arrival of Edibles in Quebec cannabis market : what can be done to minimize the health impact?

Julie Loslier, Émilie Dansereau-Trahan

Medicinal and therapeutic activities undertaken in correctional facilities in Poland towards juvenile addicts - legal and pedagogical basis.

Joanna Rajewska de Mezer

Drug addiction among adolescents in Poland - the scale of the phenomenon and proposed therapeutic and legal solutions.

Ewelina Silecka-Marek

What difference will 2.5 grams make? Canada responds to British Columbia’s overdose crisis by agreeing to decriminalize possession of small amounts of drugs

Lori Hanson, Jack Hicks

From JWH-018 to OXIZIDS: structural changes in newly emerged synthetic cannabinoids in the European Union from December 2008 to December 2021

Rachael Andrews, Ana Gallegos, Rita Jorge, Rachel Christie

Wearable technology to detect opioid overdose

Anne campbell

Wearable technologies that may prevent, detect or respond to opioid overdose: a scoping review.

Basak Tas

The Clinical Course of Comorbid Substance Use Disorder and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Protocol and Clinical Characteristics of the INCAS Study

Christoffer Brynte, Myriam Aeschlimann, Csaba Barta, Alex Hendikus Abraham Begeman, Amanda Bäcker, Cleo Lina Crunelle, Constanza Daigre, Laura De Fuentes-Merillas, Zsolt Demetrovics, Geert D

Adherence to treatment among patients with alcohol use disorder

Amir Rashidov; Zarifjon Ashurov

Psychosocial needs of youth using new psychoactive substances (NPS) in Uzbekistan

Guzalkhon Zakhidova, Shokhruh Sultanov, Nazira Khodjaeva

Psychological assistance, counselling and socio-psychological support for PLHIV in Kyrgyzstan

Aisuluu Shayloobek kyzy, Musaeva Nurgul

Social assistance needs of opioid substitution therapy (OST) clients in the Kyrgyz Republic and solutions

Zhyldyz Bakirova

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