Theme / Area: T6 - Behavioural addictions

Gaming disorder associated to comorbid disorders in an immigrant adolescent: A clinical case study.

Carla Andrade

The effects of Attachment, Temperament and Self-Esteem on Technology Addiction: a Mediation Model among Young Adults

Chiara Remondi, Ainzara Favini, Maria Gerbino, Agostino Brugnera, Angelo Compare

Experiencing COVID-19 as gamblers: Availability restrictions, services, and habits

Virve Marionneau, Johanna Järvinen-Tassopoulos

Emerging adults "in game": Research project on how Individual and family variables influence behaviors and motivations related to video games

Susana Costa, Luciana Sotero, Ana Paula Relvas

The perceived importance of a Therapeutical Contract in a CBT based treatment of problem gamblers

Pedro Hubert, Filipa Calado, Bruno Bento, Sarha Menezes, André Fialho

Addictive behaviours among first year high education students – a descriptive study

Carla Rocha, Gizela Cardoso, Paula Gonzalez, Rita Valinho, Ana Reis, Artemisa Dores, Andreia Moura, Helena Martins, Maria Paula Santos, Sara Fernandes

Needs, Expectations and Reinforcement Mechanisms in Online Buying-Shopping Disorder

Annica Kessling

iControl: An approach of addiction prevention and digital self-regulation strategies

Sofia Nunes, Eurico Martins, Isabel Prata, Joana António, Mariana Duarte, Manuela Fernandes, Rafael Gonçalves, Patricia Henriques, Miguel Modesto, Carlos Queiróz, Catarina Simão

Gamification: Promote healthy use of technology in the psychotherapy setting´s with Missão 2050 Game

Pedro Fernandes, Inês Borges, Ivone Patrão

Does the use of mobile devices by preschool children differentiate their cognitive functioning?

Magdalena Rowicka, Małgorzata Korko

The availability of offline gambling premises in Catalonia and its relationship with socioeconomic determinants

Susanna Puigcorbé Alcalà, Regina Muñoz Galán, Lidia Segura Garcia, Pol Rovira Escarrà, Joan Colom Farran

Gambling in Ireland: profile of cases from an analysis of a national treatment reporting system.

Ita Condron, Suzi Lyons, Anne Marie Carew

The relationship between gaming, self-harm, resilience, loneliness, and attachment in adulthood

Jaroslava Suchá


Emmett Tuite

The Questionnaire of Digital Game Playing (QDGP)

Martin Dolejš

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