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Empathy, Evidence and Experience: Learning from overseas to respond to street-based drug injecting in Dublin City Centre.

Eugene McCann, Tony Duffin

Beyond patientism: Users’ organizations deployment of an auxiliary welfare system in Norway

Isa Dussauge

Improving drug treatment in prison: Policy recommendations by key stakeholders

Marjolein De Pau, Freya Vander Laenen

Technology-assisted buprenorphine treatment for rural patients with opioid use disorder (OUD)

Stacey Sigmon

Positive Choices: Evaluation of a national initiative to disseminate evidence-based alcohol and other drug education and wellbeing resources

Emma K Devine, Tara Guckel, Lexine A Stapinski, Cath Chapman, Maree Teesson, Nicola Newton

Non-pharmacological treatment interventions in UK drug and alcohol services: an exploratory study

Karen Megranahan

Keeping kids safe these days: a case study of the health and well-being related perceptions and experiences of school-aged children who live in areas of urban disadvantage in Ireland.

Eleanor Hollywood, Catheine Comiskey

How will the legal cannabis industry affect the use and sale of alcohol, tobacco and medicines?

Marthe Ongenaert

Reductions in prescribing following legislative intervention to make gabapentin a controlled substance at the state level in the U.S.

Mance Buttram, S. Geoffrey Severtson, Kyle Beekman, Yamilka Stivers, Matthew Ellis

Psychoactive substance use among residents of long-term care facilities for the elderly: a review of the literature on innovative practices

Vincent Wagner, Camille Beaujoin, Kettly Pinchinat Jean-Charles, Michelle Guerrero, Julie Beausoleil, Valérie Aubut, Nadine Blanchette-Martin, Francine Ferland, Christophe Huynh, Nadia L’Esp

Infralow neurofeedback in the treatment of substance use disorders: A randomized controlled trial

Karin Berle Gabrielsen, Thomas Clausen, Siri Håvås Haugland, Stig Hollup, John-Kåre Vederhus

Integrative Couple Treatment for Addiction: A revised model based on forgiveness and attachment needs

Joël Tremblay, Marianne Saint-Jacques, Mélissa Côté, Magali Dufour, Karine Bertrand, Nadine Blanchette-Martin, Francine Ferland, Annie-Claude Savard, Chantal Plourde, Catherine Arseneault, Pa

The impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the everyday life of an open therapeutic program for drug-addicted individuals

Stelios Gkiouzepas, Athena Vlaxvei, Eleni Zacharia, Olga Kokolaki, Evaggelia Mpanakou

Development and upgrade of mobile units for the implementation of preventive programmes and harm reduction programmes in the field of illicit drugs

Jože Hren, Samra Mušić, Andreja Baloh, Anej Korsika Knific, Maša Serec

Is high-risk drug use increasing in Finland? The prevalence of high-risk amphetamine and opioid use in 2017.

Sanna Rönkä, Jukka Ollgren, Hannu Alho, Henrikki Brummer-Korvenkontio, Teemu Gunnar, Karoliina Karjalainen, Airi Partanen, Tiina Väre

Profile of substance use, psychopathology and quality of life amid SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in the population of homeless drug users living in a transitional guesthouse: a cohort study

Sofia Nikolaidi, Charikleia Tsatsaroni, Paraskevi Karakoula, Paraskevi Psichogyiou, Maria Maroulidi, Ignatia Pampourtzi, Christina Syrgkani, Konstantinos Kokkolis

Implications of the COVID-19 pandemic to problematic drug use and Harm Reduction responses in Porto and Lisbon - a comparative analysis

Cristiana Vale Pires, Maria Carmo Carvalho, Adriana Curadao, Ricardo Fuertes, Helena Valente

A scoping review of social network analysis in drugs research

Naomi Zakimi, Alissa Greer, Arshpreet Dhillon, Alison Ritter

Relationship between emotion regulation strategies and resilient coping of inmates

Isabel Silva, Ana Bártolo, Pedro Marques, Andreia Nisa, Ana Gil, Óscar Silva

The response of low-threshold organizations in the field of drugs and homelessness during Covid-19 in Slovenia

Ines Kvaternik, Hana Košan, Katja Krajnc

Exploring intersections between gender and drug use in East and Southern Africa

Charity Monareng, HeJIn Kim

Supporting the central role of people with addiction problems in addressing their problems: the example of Self-Help Promotion Program in Greece

Sotiris Lainas

The experience of being released from jail: A case study

Daisy Gibbs, Michael Doyle, Emily Stockings, Sarah Larney, Anthony Shakeshaft, Sara Farnbach


Caitlin Notley, Emma Ward

A descriptive comparison of substance use characteristics, psychosocial and socioeconomic problems among boys and girls entering a long-term residential substance use treatment institution in

Regine Bakken

Exploring mental health versus specialized addiction services: who chooses what? An analysis of the Belgian treatment demand register

Kim Fernandez, Jérôme Antoine

Exploring gender-specific in-patient treatment for substance use disorders in Norway

Hanne Lorimer Aamodt, Anja Therese Midtun Murer Holst

Managing COVID-19 pandemic infection in the residential therapeutic community KETHEA ITHAKI: the view of TC members

Theodora Sizopoulou

Improving the Addiction Treatment Workforce through a Structured Mentorship Program

Roger Peters, Cary Hopkins Eyles, Charlotte Sisson, Nathalie Panabokke, Fatima Abiola Popoola

Monitoring opioid agonist maintenance treatment outcomes for people who use opioids and public health

Lucas Wiessing

Scratching the surface: National implementation and early evaluation of self-care wound pack provision to prevent bacterial infections in people who inject drugs.

Michelle Hughes

Virtual relapse prevention group tele-therapy with peer involvement for substance use disorder: a multicentre randomised controlled trial in Indonesia

Chika Yamada, Kristiana Siste, Enjeline Hanafi, Youdiil Ophinni, Evania Beatrice, Vania Rafelia, Peter Alison, Rahadianto Purnomo, Yenny Sinambela, Syahrial, Gemelly Nurhidayat, Fitria Prat

The effects of substance use on the female population: A brief exploration

Sabrina de Jesus, Ana Costa, Gisela Simões, Inês Gomes, Manuela Fraga

Let’s End HepC: Patient advocacy for hepatitis C elimination in the prisoner’s population

Catarina Hermenegildo, Diogo Franco, Henrique Lopes

The epigenetic effects of cannabis exposure and their link to behavior and emotional manifestations – a scoping review

Ana Sofia Machado, Alexandra Elias de Sousa, Vânia Rocha, Miguel Bragança, Maria Vieira-Coelho

Substitution of illicit diazepam with etizolam within the United Kingdom drug market 2021 and service response

Dean Acreman, Josie Smith

Drug Decriminalization as a Response to Overdose in the United States

Kasia Malinowska, Ricky Gunawan, Giavana Margo

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