Theme / Area: T4 - Addictions and mental health

Vicarious trauma among nurses working in addiction services and the role of leadership: a European mixed methods study

K. Nicki Annunziata

Khat and neurobehavioral functions: a systematic review

Manuel Jesús Ruiz Muñoz, Ayan Ahmed, Kathrin Cohen Kadosh, Robert Patton, Davinia M. Resurreción

"Trampoline-Mind": Promoting children’s mental health and preventing addiction by stress reduction and mindfulness-based elements in a group program for children from families with addiction

Lina-Sophia Falkenberg

A systematic review and meta-analyses of longitudinal studies on mood and anxiety symptoms following prescription opioid use.

Janni Leung, Thomas Santo Jr, Samantha Colledge , Tesfa Mekonen, Kate Thomson, Louisa Degenhardt, Jason Connor, Wayne Hall, Daniel Stjepanović

Innovative trauma-informed therapy for women with substance use disorders in Israel

Suzan Ben Ezra, Heftzi Golan Rand

Cognitive screening for long term substance use outcome in a cohort of patients with polysubstance use disorder

Jens Hetland

Group Intervention for Parents of People With Psychotic and Substance Use Disorders: A Qualitative Evaluation of appropriateness

Karine Gaudreault, Joël Tremblay, Karine Bertrand


Amy Roche, Denise Proudfoot

The Effects of Covid 19 on People Experiencing Mental Ill-health, Substance Use Disorder and Homelessness/Housing Insecurity in the Dublin Region: A Longitudinal Qualitative Exploration

Kathyan Kelly, Paula Byrne, Joanne Fenton

How Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Substance Use Disorder influence each other: A non-systematic literature review

Catarina Oliveira, Filipa Caldas, Marta Gonçalves

Program "Eu e os Outros": Adaptation to the university context

Mariana Montalvão, Sibila Marques, Cristina Camilo, Raúl Melo, Cecília Lázaro, Graça Vilar, Patrícia Pissara

Anhedonia during recovery of polysubstance use

Aleksander Erga

Smoking-related health inequalities, tobacco smoking and substance use disorder.

Mireia Graell Gabriel, Pablo Barrio, Magalí Andreu, Sandra González , Miquel Monràs, Sílvia Mondon

COVID-19 pandemic induces severe impact on substances administration and on aspects of psychosocial life of patients under methadone and buprenorphine maintenance treatment

Vasilios Stavropoulos, Anna Karasavidou, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Alexandra Katsouli, Sotiris Tasoulis, Petros Barmpas, Nektaria Alexopoulou, Aristidis Veskoukis, Maria Tsironi, Christon

A Realist synthesis of service models and systems for CO- existing serious mental health and substance use conditions

Jane Harris, Sonia Dalkin, Lisa Jones, Tom Ainscough, Michelle Madden, Alex Copello, Angela Bate, Gail Gilchrist, Emma Griffiths, Harry Sumnall, Charlotte Walker, Luke Mitcheson, Elizabeth Hu

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