Theme / Area: T2 - Prevention cultures

A thousand on-line strategies and tools in academic addiction specialty education in post-COVID time: from necessity to quality

Susana Henriques

Positive Choices: Evaluation of a national initiative to disseminate evidence-based alcohol and other drug education and wellbeing resources

Emma K Devine, Tara Guckel, Lexine A Stapinski, Cath Chapman, Maree Teesson, Nicola Newton

Training of trainers and monitoring implementation of evidence based drug prevention in Pakistan

Johan Jongbloet, Annemie Coone, Peer van der Kreeft

French chemsex project

Jonathan Rayneau

Facilitating an introduction to Evidence-based Prevention: INEP Plus

Rachele Donini, Jeffrey Lee, Rasha Abi Hana, Livia Edegger

University students' perspectives on their preventive strategies to limit alcohol and cannabis use in festive contexts

Mathieu Gougeon, Myriam Laventure, Mathieu Goyette, Karine Bertrand

When substance use meets sexuality: perspectives of gays, bisexuals and men having sex with men (gbMSM) regarding their sexualized drug use

Maxime Blanchette, Mathieu Goyette, Jorge Flores-Aranda, Karine Bertrand

Process evaluation of the Belgian one-month-abstinence campaign ‘Tournée Minérale’

Annelies Thienpondt, Jelle Van Cauwenberg, Joris Van Damme, Gera Nagelhout, Benedicte Deforche

Riscos & Desafios Program - only a click apart

Carla Rocha, Gizela Cardoso

Fear of COVID-19 and its Impact on Maltese University Students’ Wellbeing and Substance Use

Marilyn Clark, Jamie Bonnici, Andrew Azzopardi

Peer education and alcohol consumption: application of a training program for university students

Katiane Holanda Fukamachi

Non-medical use of ADHD medication among Dutch college students

Michelle van der Horst, Britt Bilderbeek, Nadine G.M. van Gelder

SIPAFS Platform - A contribution to the Digital Transformation of the Plano Operacional deRepostas Integradas

Bruno Freitas

“Me and others”: an evaluation of an interactive material for the prevention of non-substance addictions among high school students

Santiago Almeida, Raul Melo, Cecilia Lazaro, Joana Alexandre, Patrícia Pissarra, Graça Vilar

NIEBP: promoting an evidence-based approach to prevention

Federico Pagnoni, Patrizia Brigoni, Marta De Vito, Chiara Aleni, Fabrizio Faggiano

Police, firefighters, urban cleaners, drivers, gardeners and gravediggers and risk behaviors related to Alcohol, Tobacco, Obesity and Sleep: different professions, different consumption, diff

Jorge Barroso-Dias

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