Theme / Area: T1 - Global perspectives on addictions and drug markets

Cannabis use and aquisition in pandemic times – results from a sample of regular users in Germany

Bernd Werse, Gerrit Kamphausen

Harm reduction calls to action from young people who use drugs on the streets of Vancouver and Lisbon

Joana Canêdo, Kali Sedgemore, Kelly Ebbert, Haleigh Anderson, Rainbow Dykeman, Katey Kincaid, Claudia Dias, Diana Silva, Youth Health Advisory Council n/a, Rod Knight, Danya Fast

A retrospective overview of polydrug abuse in Tunisia.

Bilel Moslah, Manel Araoud, Nadia Chaouali, Mohamed Anouar Nouioui, Omar Smaoui, Dorra Amira, Nabil Ben Salah, Abderrazek Hedhili

Monitoring online drug markets - The darknet project in Zurich

Joël Bellmont, Dominique Schori

Nicotine content, labelling and flavours of e-liquids in Canada: a scan of the online retail market from 2020-2021

Kimberly D'Mello, David Hammond, Syed Mahamad, Danielle Wiggers, Katherine East

Professionals’ views on challenges in inpatient substance abuse treatment during COVID-19 pandemic

Eeva Ekqvist

Synthetic drug production and trafficking in Belgium

Sophia De Seranno, Charlotte Colman

Methodological challenges and policy relevance of studies on substance use in nightlife settings: the case of the Nightlife Study in the Netherlands

Karin Monshouwer, Ruben van Beek, Frederiek Schouten, Marloes Van Goor, Matthijs Blankers, Magriet Van Laar, Wouter Den Hollander

COVID-19 related stressors and alcohol use among urban refugee youth in Kampala, Uganda

Carmen Logie

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